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Mental Health for Young People

When people think about youth mental health they think about adults learning about how to support young people. I think this is the wrong approach. Yes, we need to know how to support them but young people are more likely to confide in their peers than they are an adult about what is troubling them. What really needs to happen is that young people need to be prepared to support their peers in speaking with adults about mental health issues and to be more aware of their own mental health. With 1 in 10 under 16s having a diagnosable mental health condition and 50% of mental health conditions established by 14 this is something we need to get right.

Issues such as eating disorders, self harm, addictions to alcohol, smoking and drugs and youth suicide rising constantly we need to educate young people in the dangers can exist with these issues. Young people currently find out about these things through experimentation or online. It is important that they learn accurate information and can make educated and informed decisions.


1. What is Mental Health?

2. Emotions

3. Anxiety

4. Depression

5. Stress

6. Exams

7. Eating

8. Bullying

9. Self-harm

10. Suicide

11. Helping friends

12. Drugs and alcohol

13. Staying healthy

14. Relationships

*Students on this course will also be awarded a Level 2 Youth Mental Health First Aid Certificate if aged over 14.