1st Aid 4 Everyone

For schools, for businesses, for families...First Aid for YOU!!


Welcome to 1st Aid for Everyone

Hi! I'm Ellen and I run 1st Aid 4 Everyone.

I have always wanted to be a teacher and trained as a primary school teacher. I love working with children but always felt there was something else I could be doing. After I had a child collapse suddenly in class, and a very limited number of staff capable of assisting, I realised that everyone needs to be trained in First Aid. While I was at uni I had trained and volunteered with St John Ambulance and on the day the child collapsed I found myself reaching back to my training nearly 10 years previously, and so was able to properly help the child while waiting for an ambulance, and keep 29 other children calm. and distracted. Shortly afterwards I found myself on the other side of a collapse, sustaining a serious head injury, but this time no one knew what to do and, in their efforts to help me, was helped incorrectly. Thankfully this did not result in any long term injuries but I was very aware of how it could have ended because no one had any first aid training.

During my time I have seen met many people with mental health conditions and have experienced the stigma that comes with a mental health condition. So many people don't understand what mental health truly is and how to recognise and help someone with a mental health condition. I talk openly about my battles with mental health in a bid to start conversations but I also realise that training is needed to provide a proper understanding of mental health and the importance of knowing where to signpost for early intervention.

Over time I have started to add additional courses to my portfolio to include healh and safety, fire safety, manual handling and safeguarding, with plans to include additional courses in the future. I can provide adapted training for the needs of your workplace, profession or organisation.

All courses are Ofqual certified by FAA. I have an Enhanced DBS certificate.

Contact me for further information about availability and pricing.