1st Aid 4 Everyone

For schools, for businesses, for families...First Aid for YOU!!


First Aid

First Aid is one of those things you hope you will never need...but are so grateful that you know when you do. Whether it is giving you the skills to help triage yourself, help a family member or save the life of a stranger on the street, knowing what to do in an emergency will help to keep you calm and give you a greater sense of control.

Learning the skills to recognise when somebody is in need of help, because of a physical or mental illness, is an important life skill. With most first aid courses available to those over 14, and mini medics for under 14s, there is no reason why everyone in the family should not be trained in these important skills. 

Courses can be booked for individuals, families (in your home), schools, community groups and businesses. First Aid skills should be affordable to everyone; because everyone has the potential to save a life.

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